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Our house is situated at 198 m altitude; Vijlen therefore is called the highest “mountain village” of The Netherlands, with close by in the forest a real “Ski slope”. In winter people come here to “ski”, ride on sledges and do Norvegian skiing; without elevators but with a lot of fun!

In spring, summer and autumn it is a cycling and hiking paradise!! Directly from our house, you can wander for hours (read: days!) through the forests, hills and fields of South-Limburg. Walking trails leave as close as from our exit! A detailed map is available to check routes. Also check the famous “Kroegjes route” (Pub route)… for an “interesting” combination of effort and relaxing!

And don’t forget to look around in nature! Martens, badgers, foxes, deer and wild boar… some days you can see this “Big Five” in one day!

For cycling you are absolutely on the right spot! From Vijlen, you can follow the complete Amstel Gold Race route; my own little tour of about 60 km contains all the famous hills we have in the country! Kruisberg, Eijserbosweg, Fromberg, Sibbergrubbe, Cauberg, Wolfsberg, Loorberg and Vijlener bos… in 1 tour all “real” climbs of Holland! Tours are of course extendable in all directions… both in Limburg, Belgium or even Germany.