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Vijlen is situated on a thick layer of Chalkstone, deposited about 70 million years ago. Once the First Dutch Cement Industry (ENCI, now in Maastricht) started itís existence with burning Chalk to Clinker (Cement). Since Vijlen isnít situated on a waterway, the old factory ceased to exist. But the ruins are still visible in the green landscape at the bottom of the village.

Vijlen is the highest Mountain village of the Netherlands. The entrance of our house is at 198 m above sea level. Different from most villages, Vijlen is situated on the top of a crest, running from the vast Vijlener forest until the village Mechelen.

This situation has some advantages: the view from the village is beautiful andÖ in winter Vijlen often has the first, and most snow!! While the summers generally are 3 degrees warmer in Limburg than in De Bilt! Itís for a reason that the Romans liked living here!